유니초이의 모자에는 꽃과 한국이 함께 합니다.

유니초이는  서울과 런던을 기반으로 세계와 소통 합니다.  

유니초이는 그녀의 감성을 담은 라이프 스타일링 브랜드 입니다.  

Flowers and Korean heritage both exist in Yooney Choi's headpieces. 

Based in Seoul and London, this is where she begins her conversation with the world. 

"Yooney Choi" is a life-style brand full of her sensibilities.

Yooney Choi is a florist turned milliner. 

Her signature headpieces incorporate delicate cold porcelain flowers. 

She experiments with new materials and is a master at capturing elements of nature such as flowers and greenery into her designs. 

Her work is also influenced by her Korean heritage and culture.  

Yooney spends her time between Seoul and London often inspired by what she discovers in her daily life and travels. 

She loves to create art and is particularly passionate about highly crafted details which you would fall in love with! 

Internationally-renowned, Yooney will be launching her brand “Yooney Choi” in March 2020. 

The first release will showcase a sewing hat because Korea is highly recognized in the sewing industry. 

It is a product that combines Yooney’s artistic design with a technical skill unique to Korea. “Yooney Choi” aims to make our daily lives look and feel more beautiful.



Exhibition & Evevnt

1) 2017년 플랫폼 엘, 루이가또즈 콜라보레이션 전시 ‘랑데뷰’

Louis Quatorze Collaboration Exhibition ‘Rendez-Vous’ Platform-L, 2017

2) 2017년 서울 롯데호텔, 햇 이벤트 ‘레이디스 데이 위드 유니초이’ 

Hat exhibition ‘Ladies’ day with Yooney Choi’ Hotel Lotte Seoul, 2017

3) 2018년 런던 햇위크 전시 

London Hat Week Exhibition 2018 ‘The Great hat exhibition‘

4) 2018년 부산 힐튼호텔, 전시 ‘레이디스 데이 위드 유니초이’

Hat exhibition & event ‘Ladies’ day with Yooney Choi’ Hilton Busan 2018

5) 2019년 런던 햇위크 전시 

London Hat week Exhibition 2019 ‘World garden ‘

6) 2019년 마이아트뮤지엄, 오프닝 전시 ‘Love of light’

My Art Museum opening exhibition ‘Love of light’, 2019

7) 2019년 마이아트뮤지엄, 알폰스무하 콜라보레이션 전시

 ‘알폰스무하 위드 유니초이’

‘Alphonse Mucha x Yooney Choi’ My Art Museum, 2019

Fashion show

1) 2018년 작품 ‘더 퀸' 런던 햇위크 프레스 프리뷰 살롱쇼 X PINKO

London Hat Week 2018 press preview salon show x Pinko

2) 2018년 S/S 서울컬렉션 두칸과 콜라보레이션

Seoul Collection 2019 S/S, Collaboration with Doucan

3) 2019년 런던 햇위크 프레스 프리뷰 살롱쇼 x PINKO

London Hat Week 2019 press preview salon show x Pinko

4) 2019년 F/W서울 컬렉션 두칸과 콜라보레이션 

Seoul Collection 2019 F/W, Collaboration with Doucan

5) 2019년 중국 인터내셔널 패션위크 이상봉 오트쿠튀르 콜렉션과 


Collarboration with Lie Sangbong Haute couture show, International Fashion Week 2019, China

6) 2020년 런던햇위크 전시 공식 스폰서

 Official sponsor of London Hat Week Exhibition 2020